Club de Ultimate de la República Dominicana

Why do you play Ultimate?

Picture by Jimmy David

Excelente artículo tomado de la página Ultimate Rob, que compartimos con ustedes. So, why do you play ultimate?

Is it for the Spirit of the Game?

Is it because you love throwing?

Is it because you love going to tournaments and getting away from home once in a while?

Whatever the reason, we all love this game. Those of us who play it, get it. Those who don´t, make fun of us, wonder what ultimate is all about but they´ll never truly understand our passion for the game until they´ve driven 18 hours only to play 3 games, lose 2 of them, and get knocked out of the tournament (college regionals double elimination format).

I play the game because I love throwing and I love competing. Being on a team of individuals who are all committed to being the best they can, who are all driven to suceed and who live and breathe ultimate is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes, somewhere between the desire to win a tournament and the frustration that comes when only 5 people show up for practice, some of us lose focus and lose sight of why we play and love this game.

When that time comes, and it will, you either retire, or you sit back, look at the bigger picture, and you reclaim the passion you once had.

I´ve had that happen. Many of us have when ultimate is our life for so many years.

Keep yourself in check. Think about why you play ultimate.

And then lace up your cleats, go layout, and keep throwing the disc.


One response

  1. Kenji Kasahara

    I play Ultimate because I love competing, I love teaching others a way to enjoy wonderful moments and meeting new friends.

    I have indeed lost sigh of why I play the sport, but today I am so fucking happy that I have endure and reclaim the passion that I felt in WUCG 2008, Prague 2010 and Boston 2011, so fucking happy of having all of you as brothers/friends/teammates in this fucking wonderful team!

    Banzai manito, fucking Banzaii!!

    December 1, 2011 at 11:47 am

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